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This website was created as part of the PR machine to promote THE LAST EXORCISM, which was released in 2010. Reverend Cotton Marcus was one of the main characters from this Eli Roth produced horror faux-documentary. In 2010, Reverend Marcus was everywhere online. He had his own blog, was on Twitter, and had this website where you could read his bio, as well as some sermon excerpts, learn a bit of history about exorcism, and even take a Demon Questionnaire to find out if you were possessed! The site was seriously hilarious.

Since the site will not be exactly as you remember it, please be indulgent.
Now let's step into Reverend John Marcus' world of demonology, possession, and exocism.



We are an evangelical church with a special mission – casting Satan and his minions out of those he afflicts. For more than 75 years the Church of St. Marks has helped those most in need, and is a recognized authority on demonology and possession. We believe in the power of Jesus Christ to fight evil and banish it from humanity. Together, we can carry on his mission.


Reverend Cotton Marcus' character is a fourth generation evangelical minister and has been part of the Church of St. Marks for the past 20 years. His father, Reverend John Marcus, is also a minister and has been with the church for well over 50 years. The younger minister always appears respectable in his conservative suits and ties. His most casual attire when in public is a tie-less shirt. However, if you were to sneak into his bedroom at night, you would most likely find him in one of his favorite hoodies that he bought from a fun Batman hoodie shop called Now the reverend has more than a dozen hoodies and T's, but his favorite designs are the Batman T-Shirt - Sketchy Shadows which features a black and white sketch of Batman on his knees with skeleton shadows in the background, and the Batman v Superman Sublimated T-Shirt design called The Light. He particularly likes The Light because it features an awesome action picture of Batman from the movie Dawn of Justice with a beam of light shining behind him. Obviously the Reverend Cotton Marcus identifies with the Gotham City crusader who battles the injustices and evil villains of this DC Comics fantasy word. We'll stay mum about Reverend Cotton Marcus' sartorial night choices. But he is a man with many dark secrets.

A child preacher, he began spreading the Word with his father almost from the moment he could talk. He performed his first exorcism at just ten years old. Reverend Marcus received training through the Deliverance Ministry of the Anglican Church and is a credentialed exorcist with the American Association of Exorcists.

He has cast out over 200 demons, and has been recognized by the International Society of Deliverance Ministries, the Prayer Ministries Network and the International Association of Exorcists. His wife Shanna and son Justin inspire him everyday to spread the Word and Deliver the fallen from Satan's grasp.

Join the Reverend at the Church of St. Marks this Sunday and experience worship brought to life in a powerful way.

Believe in Him.
For those struggling with possession or fear a loved one may be in the grips of a demonic force, Reverend Marcus can help. Learn more


How To Avoid Demon Possession

Good people: As an ordained reverend and a sworn enemy of Satan I receive dozens of letters each month asking for my help. Asking for my guidance. Asking for succor from a hell-spawned affliction that is affecting themselves or someone they love. I am referring to possession by demonic spirits.


Demons Walk Among Us

Now, not every letter is for real. Yes, there are some poor folk that have just imagined an evil spirit has possessed them as a way of avoiding some earthly problems they face. But you may be shocked to know that the vast majority of cases that come my way are real. The cold hard truth of the matter is this: demons walk among us, and they can find their way into the bodies of the innocent and force them to do unspeakable things. In 1995 I was called down to Chatom, Alabama to see if I could help a young man who had been possessed. I had to visit him in the hospital. Because he had taken a pair of wire cutters and cut off every last finger and toe on his body. 

My point is: do not take this very real threat lightly.


Know The Signs of Demon Possession

• Dramatic changes in personality - for example, an outgoing person become very quiet or downright mean.

• Sudden negativity towards religious objects, going to Church and/or Christianity as a whole.

• Self-mutilation (cutting, burning) or other forms of self-abuse.

• Violent acts, which very often include hurting animals.

• Speaking in a foreign language they do not know, or changes in the sound of their voice.

• Strange noises - loud knocking and banging, voices, scratching and growling may be heard with no clear source.

• The person suffers from vivid nightmares that may be violent, sexual, or convey

information they could not possibly know.

• Bruises, welts or other injuries on the body where the person could not each, possibly forming occult symbols.


Understanding Evil

Now take a step back. Some of these can be signs of drug use or psychological problems. But even these issues can be the result of demonic possession. The fact is if you're seeing a majority of these symptoms, I strongly recommend taking our online application for exorcism services. Or, take our Demon Test to get a better idea of what you may be dealing with. Remember most of all not to lose hope. The prince of darkness thrives on sadness, frustration, and hopelessness – know that in me you have a friend and warrior on your side – you will not be forsaken! Believe in Him.


Caring for the Afflicted

Step One: Call for help 

Here's the situation: you are convinced that someone special to you has been afflicted with horror of possession. You've either talked to a pastor or read enough about it (See my article "Signs of the Devil" here) to be fairly sure. What you have experienced has you at your wits end. Someone close to you has become a living abomination, poisoned by the hand of Satan.

First, do not panic. Second – call a professional for help, like myself. DO NOT try to take this thing on all by yourself. I know of four emergency room visits, two long-term mental health facility stays and one casket – all because well meaning people thought they could go it alone. Don't do it.

Step Two: Ease the Pain

The afflicted is likely undergoing periods of extreme torment and moments of peace and lucidity. Try to make them as comfortable as possible.

• Remove all outside stresses – no calls from work, no family squabbles – keep them as calm and 
quiet as you can 
• Keep them in bed if possible, with the curtains down 
• If they're hot, cool them with a wet rag on the forehead – If they're cold, add another blanket and 
turn up the heat. It can vary depending on the demon tormenting them 
• Religious objects can distress and cause physical pain to an afflicted person. Remove them 
for the time being

Step Three: Remain Calm

I touched on this in the beginning of this article – but it bears repeating. DO NOT take action on your own. You may put the afflicted – or yourself – at risk.

  • • Do not tie up or in any way restrain the person, unless they are truly violent 
  • • Do no hit, whip, or in any way abuse them 
  • • Do not starve or deprive them of water 
  • • Do not antagonize or stress the afflicted out – in some cases this can cause a violent response

Step Four: Have Faith

Most important – you've got to believe. Believe that the power of Christ will cast out the demon. Believe in your loved one who is afflicted – this isn't their fault. Forgive any trespasses they may have committed against you.

As terrifying and disturbing as a possession may be, most cases are resolved in a positive way. In the end it often means a renewal of faith in those affected, and a more joyful, connected life through Jesus Christ. 
Believe in Him.
Reverend Cotton Marcus


A Brief History of Exorcism

The Earliest Exorcists

The earliest accounts of exorcism date back to the dawn of civilization – in ancient Babylon, which is in present-day Iraq. Back around 2000 B.C., the Babylonian priests there attributed every last illness or mental disorder to evil spirits. And there are more early examples too:

  • • The ancient Egyptians also believed sickness and other evils came from demonic possession –
  • they ascribed charms and rituals to dispel them.
  • • The "Artharvaveda", a Hindu sacred text from around 1000 B.C. describes many rituals for casting
  • out demons and evil spirits.
  • • The ancient Persians also offer accounts of exorcisms being performed as early as 1000 B.C.,
  • through prayer and rituals.

The Greatest of All

But the greatest exorcist to ever live was none other than Jesus Christ. He's perhaps better known as a healer, but many of his "healings" were actually casting out an evil spirit. Interestingly, Jesus never used rituals, sacred objects, or even prayer to perform an exorcism. He simply ordered the demons to come out, and they obeyed.

  • • He gave his disciples the power to perform exorcisms as well, but his skills far surpassed theirs, which should come as no surprise.
  • • There are more than 25 mentions of exorcisms performed by Jesus in the bible

Later Periods

In the Middle Ages there was a renewal of belief in demonic possession and exorcism – unfortunately the techniques often were pain-based, like scourging (whipping) until the evil spirits were cast out.

In 1634, a very notable mass possession took place at a convent in Loudon, France. Seventeen nuns were overcome by dozens of different demons, which were later cast out in a public exorcism attended by thousands. Some questionwhether these were true possessions or the result of hysteria.

Exorcisms Today

Unfortunately, demonic possession's are alive and well.

• In 1974, Michael Taylor brutally murdered his wife and strangled their dog after an incomplete exorcism the night before. Police found him wandering the streets naked, covered in blood.

• In 1980, a man taunted the demons possessing his fiance's brother – the demons attacked him, possessing him instead. The eventually drove him to stab his landlord 5 times, one wound stretching from his stomach to the his heart.

• In 1993 the International Association of Exorcists was formed by Catholic priests - in 2000 it had a membership over 200 strong.

• In 1999 the Catholic Church revised its Rites of Exorcism to allow non-Latin speakers to perform them.

From the very first demonic acts in the Garden of Eden when Eve was tempted, to the modern murders and suicides caused by demonic oppression – the history of exorcism serves as a grim reminder of our never-ending battle against the forces of Satan.

Believe in Him.

Reverend Cotton Marcus


Take the Demon Questionnaire and Find Out

Is there is an evil within you or someone you care about? Do they look at you with a strangers eyes? Is there a fear in your home, an abomination around you that makes your skin crawl? Perhaps something terrible has already happened, or will soon. Do something about it. This test puts 25 years of demonology and possession into your hands. Take the questionnaire and learn which demonic force – if any – may be plaguing you or someone you love.

Believe in Him 
Reverend Cotton Marcus


Sermon Excerpts

November 16, 2008

"...Sometime's it's the most innocent, the most vulnerable, the ones with the best heart, that fall victim. Are they too naive? Do they let the Prince of Lies ease his way in, without knowing the danger? Until his sweaty hands are at their throat, and he's making them do things, unspeakable things..." 

August 19, 2007

"...What do you people know about demons? Have you ever looked into the eyes of someone you love, and seen someone else look back? Have you ever heard someone close to you open their mouth to speak, and heard someone else's voice come out? It will make your blood turn to ice. It will make you question everything. Makes some people lose their minds..." 

August 5, 2007

"...Satan is coming. For some of you, he's close. For others, he's already there. I knew a woman, lived in a nice little house with a husband and two kids. One day, out of the blue, she picked up a hatchet, put her arm on the cutting board, and took her hand off at the wrist. Her husband barely got the tourniquet on in time. When the ambulance got there she was sitting on the floor, laughing and shouting the vilest things..." 

October 14, 2006

"'s the Prince of Lies that causes you to doubt! But you let him in. You open the door to him with sin. And then he creeps into your heart, and he spreads like a cancer, and he turns the day to night, and your world into a living hell..."


Recently I discovered that the domain for ChurchofStMarks.comwas available so I bought it with the goal of recreating some of its content from archived pages. I definitely didn't want someone else purchasing the domain and re-purposing the site for something that had nothing in common with the original viral website. This site is an original.